Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bubbles - Lessons from a Three Year Old

Bubble Nirvana

Step one: Find the bubbles in their natural environment.  If you can, try to integrate into the bubble pack.  If you are careful, they may never even notice you are there.

Bubbles 8

Step two: Attempt to think like a bubble. This is best done by dancing, singing, and just being happy.  Remember, you must be the bubble.

Bubbles 7

Bubbles 6

Bubbles 5

Step three: Include others in your journey to bubblehood. You must pass on your knowledge of bubbles.  This is most easily accomplished by bubble ray gun.

Bubbles 1

Final is never too old to begin a bubble journey. ;)


Lesson Learned: Pay attention to your depth of field when working with bubbles.  Keeping your lens wide open can give you nice bokeh effect with the bubbles.  It can also make it difficult to get both your subject and the bubbles in sharp focus (this is doubly true if your working with a toddler running around).  Knowing which matters to you more ahead of time can help making adapting to the moments a lot easier.