Sunday, July 22, 2012

Maternity Photos - Caleb & Diane

One of my favorite things about taking pictures is being able to help people capture special moments in their lives.  So, you can imagine my delight when two close family friends decided to allow me to take maternity photos for them. 

Being only the second time taking maternity photos (my sister’s photos being the first), I was a little nervous.  I should have known better...friends like these are the best and were more than happy to help me learn through experience.  

Plus, with the great sense of humor that these two share, taking photos of them was real joy.

Prior to the photo shoot some mutual friends and family shared a few tips and suggestions... some even sent a few gifts that doubled as props...
The little plush animal was provided by my hubby (who is convinced all little-ones are monkeys due to their ability to get everywhere and climb over everyone).

My sister - owner of EatPrayYarn - with less than a week's notice, crocheted these cute little pink booties. She sent them along saying that when the little one comes, she will need something to keep her ity-bity toes warm.

The idea for the photo above came from a photo spotted on Pinterest.  The picture on right came about after reading the tips found on the Digital Photography School website.
Let's face it...such a cute top and nifty painted toenails were begging to be showcased.  ;)
Seriously, with parents who have this much fashion sense, it's no surprise that baby, you're not even here yet and Mom and Dad have already got you styling.

 Thank you again to Diane & Caleb for allowing me to take photos during this precious time..and of course for giving me permission to share these pictures here.

 You two are the best!

Lesson 1: The viewfinder doesn’t always show the entire picture.  If you are using a backdrop (in my case a fuzzy blanket) give yourself a couple extra inches on either side of the frame.  Otherwise you might have corners of your picture with no backdrop (which can be a pain to edit out).
Lesson 2: The closer you get to water, the more bugs you find.  When the bugs show up, the photos will be brief.  It’s OK to move to the next shot where you won’t get eaten up alive.

Lesson 3:  Lush parks mean animals of all shapes and sizes…which also means poo of all shapes and sizes.  Watch where you step, kneel, and set up shots.


  1. You did such a great job!!! I'm so proud of you.

  2. Great job the pictures really do show their joy. I love the monkey where id you get it? and the tips duly noted thanks ","

  3. Lovely photos of a memorable time. Pregnancy was so different for us fifty years ago. It seems light years away compared to the openness today.

  4. Oh, what a great session! Your poses are cute and your lighting is gorgeous! I love your tips at the end- very practical but the mental imagery of the pop cracked me up :)

    1. Auto correct changed "poo" into "pop". How thoughtful :)

  5. Oh wow great shots and at such a special time :)

  6. They turned out lovely!! My fav is with Caleb jumping in the background!

    Thanks for sharing on my weekend blog party :)))