Saturday, August 25, 2012

Look Who is One!

As you might have noticed from the last two weeks of posts...365 days (plus a bit more since I'm a little over a three weeks late with this post)  have gone by since this little one came into the world:

My niece is officially a One Year Old.  You know what that means...excuse for a party!!!
On the first Sunday of August, her mother (my sister) held the cutest little monkey themed birthday party.  Naturally the birthday girl was decked out in her (monkey themed) finest:

Pink tutu...check.  Adorable bow...check.  Ok Mom, I'm all ready for by big debute!

To pass the time as guest arrived...Little Love began to browse the gift pile....

hmmm, what could this be? For Me? 

I'll just grab some of this shiny and crunchy stuff...noone will notice. 

 Once everyone got settled in it was time for cake.  Girl's first introduction to chocolate!

Now Mom...what is this?  And why is everyone looking at me?

Really?  It's all mine?

So this is Chocolate...I don't know what the big de.....

Whoa!  Sugar Rush!!

Mmmmmmm Chocolate......You and I are gonna become real good friends...


Overall it was a preaty cool birthday party.  My sister did a really great job and even with the heat, I think my niece had a really fun time.

Happy birthday little one!  Just wait until Aunt Kris introduces you to choclate mouse.  Your life will never be the same. 

Lesson 1: Full length shots (head to feet) are really neat for showing how compact little ones are. 
Lesson 2: Don't get between a girl and her chocolate...even if she is only one.
Lesson 3: Shooting in RAW is very useful if you want to adjust the white balance later. Changing the lighting from daylight to shade is a good way to add warmth without an extra filter.


  1. Those are adorable but you were working with a good model LOL
    Happy Birthday One yr old girl!!! Aunts are the best thing to be, she is lucky for YOU!!!

  2. I just laughed so hard I woke her up!!! Lol!! Great photos ( of course), even better captions!! Dying over here.

  3. she is GORGEOUS!!! But....I am rather disappointed that it wasn't a cat themed party :)


  4. So cute! I love how she is just digging into her personal cake! Looks like a wonderful day for such a sweet little girl!

  5. These photos are absolutely adorable! She looks like she had a blast! The cake pictures are a riot.