Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby Fix

I am a very spoiled Aunt.  Friday morning I called my sister and told her I was in need a baby fix.  Next thing I know it’s Saturday and my sister shows up at my house with my adorable niece (mind you it’s an hour and ½ drive from her house to my house).  I have the best sister ever!
Can you tell someone just woke up?

Look...It's Aunt Kris!

Mmmmm, not too sure about that leaf...

Ok, done now...lets go shopping...

After a quick tromp around the front yard (and a quick couple of pictures) we spent the day shopping and just hanging out.  It was wonderful!
I can't wait for the next visit.  ;)


  1. Hanging with the girls. Good for your niece.

  2. You do have the best sister ever! She's a beautiful baby and I'm glad you were able to spend some time with her! I have some really great neighbors who lets me practice my grandma skills on their kids...two more months and I'll be a REAL Grandma!!

  3. that was just precious! You DO have a great sister!!!

  4. Baby is so beautiful... I like her eyes :)