Monday, November 19, 2012

Raspberries for Christmas?

My brother in laws hates to get his photo taken.  Even so, he is willing to once a year humor his wife and allow his sister-in-law to take a few family pictures.   So off to the park we went.

Naturally (considering the primary star of the session is only about 15 months old) the majority of the photos were a result of play. 

There were a few wardrobe adjustments here and there…

And a few traditional poses attempted…

However, traditional quickly turned to giggles…

Proprietary was thrown to the wind…

And an “anything goes” approach was taken.

 Thanks to Jess, Joe, and the little one for a fun day at the park! 
Lesson 1: Plan to take photos inbetween nap times if possible, but don't force it. 
Lesson 2: Scout out the location you plan to shoot at ahead of time if possible.  There can be a neat hidden away place right around the corner if you take the time to look.
Lesson 3: It's OK to stop before the time period.  Sometimes everyone just needs a nap.  ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, those are adorable pictures and that lil' Missy is absolutely a darling!

  2. And that little girl's boots are too darn cute, too.

  3. What great pictures Kris! Great advice on the picture shoot with little ones too! Happy Thanksgiving!