Monday, December 10, 2012

Four Wonderful Families – Two Teams/One Family

A few weeks ago, on what seems now like the last warm Sunday of the year, I met with four families who were kind enough to allow me to practice my picture taking skills on them.

Today I’ll introduce you to the second of those families…Jeff, Julie…and their two children…Morgan and Emily.
While we only had a few brief moments to capture a couple shots, it was a pleasure to meet the two sweet girls...
And  joy to see a family who, although on opposite sides of the bleachers on game day,... 

demonstrated that they knew how to come together after the whistle was blown.

Special thanks to Jeff, Julie, Morgan and Emily.

Lesson 1: Defusing sun through trees can made for some nice soft light.
Lesson 2: Outfit changes can be a fun way to bring energy back into a shoot.
Lesson 3: Dogs do not often look where you want them to look…consider bringing treats along.

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