Thursday, September 5, 2013

Photo Art Friday - Water!

Yipeee!  Do you know what today is?  It's Photo Art Friday

Since PDPA Photo Art Friday moved to the first Friday of the month, I've only participated once.  This is mostly because I seem to loose track of the days with an amazing amount of ease.  Example: Recently someone asked me how my summer which I replied, "I don't know I'll tell you at the end of August"

So...this week's Challenge?   Water.

For my niece's second birthday (beginning of August - which I did remember) my mother (her grandmother) decided to buy her a water table.  So I figure for this challenge we'll lean toward the literal sense of the word water. 

[Note: Had "Toes" not been featured for a recent WW I probably would have used that picture instead]

pdpa Water Challenge Photo

For this challenge I used:
  • Pdpa Turquoise Splash Texture
  • a picture of my niece

  • pdpa Water Challenge How To

    Photo Art FridayOverall I'm not too sure what I think.  More often than not, I prefer to be more subtle with the textures.  That being could have turned out worse. 

    Feel free to offer your ideas, tips, and suggestions. 

    If you would like to check out the Photo Art Friday Showcase or take a look at some of the neat (and sometimes free) textures and backgrounds there are over at Pixel DustPhoto Art just click the button to the left. 


    1. Oh, I can just feel that water pouring out of the pail. Love your editing choices and your niece is just toooooo cute for words!

    2. I find it to BE a thought-provoking piece, Kris. so clever how you did what you did and for what it's worth, the fun of digital fiddling, for me, is that things can BE tried this way and that. and there is NO MESS to clean up after!! BEautimous!!

    3. First your niece is a cutie! I love the expression on her face. I liked the texture choice but am not sure I would have left as much on her face (jmho).
      It does have a very unique feel and the color is quite lovely. She makes me want to join her in the water table fun.