Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baseball Fan

In honor of the upcoming baseball season (Spring Training is here!) I’ve rooted through some of last season’s pictures. This one is my absolute fav. 

It’s tradition for my family to go to the Reading Phillies at least once (usually more like four or five times) every summer. This pic was taken at the last game of the season we went together to.   And yes, that is my awesome mom!

#1 Fan

Lesson 1: At sporting events make sure you’re not blocking people (they get angry).
Lesson 2: The more a person cares about the sport, the more animated the reaction is likely to will be.
Lesson 3: Sitting at the end of a row gives you more room to move around to get the shot.


  1. I missed commenting on this, but it's classic. Why is that guy so disappointed behind her (this was a minor league game, after all)?