Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday!

Many years ago, in a city far away, two college guys met for the first time and decided to become dorm roommates.  Guy A didn’t drink, Guy B did drink.  Long story short:  after very little peer pressure, Guy A participated in a little thing call “Power Hour”, and shortly after Guy A and Guy B became great drinking buddies and lifelong friends.

Well Guy A just turned 30.  He is one of my hubby’s closest friends and a valued addition to our “family”.  I can’t think how stressed my husband would be without him.  This guy right here is one of the good ones:

Lesson One: You never know who is going to be important to you later in your life, more pictures now, mean more pictures to look back on about later.

Lesson Two: There is point when people are drinking that they look very relaxed and happy.  It’s doesn’t always last long, so get the picture while you can.

Lesson Three: People don’t have to be looking at you to make a good picture.


  1. Yes, I know what you mean about lesson two... there is a small time frame when people are relaxed and merry from a little bit of drink and they seem to "shine"...after that it starts to unravel and then come the embarrassing photos :-P

  2. Perhaps I know him too well, but I often see Halim relaxed and happy ;-)