Sunday, April 15, 2012

Byers' Choice

Back when my mom was my age (and maybe even a bit younger), her mom (my grandmother) gave her, her first caroler.  What is a caroler?  These are carolers:
(Picture taken at Byers' Choice)

Flash forward to about three years ago, I ended up driving right by the place that makes the carolers.  Turns out my husband and I had moved not 15 minutes away from Byers' Choice (the factory, the main shop, and the museum)!  Well, as soon as I found out, I called my mom and planned to have us visit.
(Picture taken at Byers' Choice)

Since then, we’ve gone every year around March (my birthday is March 14, my mother's is March 17) and have bought each other a caroler as a birthday gift.  This year was speical because recently my grandmother has moved in with my mother, allowing my grandmother (the one who started it all) was able to join us.   
This year my mother opted to get two boxes to store her carolers rather than a new caroler
Picture was taken by the kind lady at the Byers' Choice Store:

Lesson 1: The first week of April Byers' Choice usually has an egg hunt.  Good to know since this will make the location much busier than normal.
Lesson 2: Even though a picture can often say it all, knowing the background of a picture can help make it even more speical.
Lesson 3: When dealing with a scene of inanimate objects, different depths of field can give the subject more feeling.  For example, focusing on a face right behind another, can give the impression that a subject is peeking out (or being sneaky)from behind the other object that is not in focus.

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