Sunday, April 1, 2012

Importance of Editing..Wow!

Ok, so….maybe there will be another iPod post or two.  Because this I have got to share.  If I had any doubts about how important editing is, they are gone now. 
Two days ago I needed to update my profile picture at work.  I had my little camera on hand my not my jump stick that allows me to easily upload my pictures onto my computer.  But wait…I had my iPod.  Giving it a try I quickly took this horrific picture of myself (which I’m now sharing with the world – cringe):

Here comes Pixlromatic – another iPod app to the rescue!  Selected “Jean” than “Rain” than “Cornered” frame…and magic…a useable profile picture that won’t scare away my coworkers. 

I was so excited I did a little dance.  Really…it’s the little things in life.  J

Lesson 1: Editing can make a huge difference.
Lesson 2: Sometimes less detail (especially when it comes to close shot of a tired face) can be a good thing.
Lesson 3: The changing the tone of a picture using a filter can have a drastic impact on the end result.

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