Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day - Reading Phillies

Three Generations at the Park

Today I got to spend a beautiful sunny day surrounded by family.  Why?  Because it’s Father’s day of course!  And Father’s day in my family means a Reading Phillies game.  Whoohoo!

Last year, my sister didn’t get to go to the Father’s day game because her little one didn’t arrive until early August.  This year both she and the little one got to come to the game. 

Naturally, when family gets together (especially if it involves an outing) there will be photos.

I have some shots of the players and the field, but let's face it, sometimes the baby gets all the attention.  :) 

Little Fan
All Smiles

Lesson 1: If your goal is to take photos during a baseball game, consider getting seats in front of those you want to take pictures of or sit on the end.  It makes getting group shots easier.
Lesson 2: If you only have one camera, there may be times when you have to choose between family (up close) and players (far away).   Knowing when family is likely to interact more (7th inning stretch) will help you know when you’ll get more shots with each lens.
Lesson 3: Knowing how the sport is played helps know where the next shot will be.  For example, if you know the play is at second it can help to have your settings already focused on the second base, since action shots require you to act fast you might not have time to set up if you wait until the move it made.

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