Sunday, June 3, 2012

WWII Air Show

 Earlier today I had the pleasure to attend the WWII Air Show at the Reading Airport with my Dad. 

Me & My Dad  
We watched a reenactment...
 Going Down

Last Shot

...toured the various WWII planes...

Silver Guns  
and viewed the acrobatic air show.

Lesson 1: If you struggle with manual focus with a moving object, you can switch to auto focus once to get an approximate starting point on something about the same distance away , then switch back to manual focus.

Lesson 2: Bring your camera bag (or whatever you use to protect your camera) even if there is only 20% change of rain.

Lesson 3: With air shows and reenactments a longer lens works better…so you can close ups even when you are far away. 

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