Saturday, June 1, 2013

Engagement on the Water

The other week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jamie and Jen for a couple engagement photos. 

Jamie had a few ideas for poses. Originally he wanted to throw Jen in the water. 
And while it is true that he may have swept Jen off her feet,
she was more than happy to have those feet kept dry.

Beach lovers that they are, they chose to have the pictures taken outside the restaurant where Jamie proposed.

Taken at the same table the two were sitting at when Jamie proposed.

To anyone watching Jamie and Jen it would be hard not to notice just how in love these two are.  Similes, kisses, and laughter could be seen and heard throughout the afternoon. 

These two play off each other wonderfully making for beautiful chemistry.

It was an absolute joy to spend the day at the beach with this lovely couple.  I'm sure if their marriage is anything like their engagement it will be full of treasured moments, laughter filled days, and years overflowing with love. 


Thank you Jen and Jamie for allowing me the opportunity to capture a few photos during this special time.  May you have a wonderful wedding and even better marriage. 

Lesson 1: Keep an eye out for where the ring finger is.  Whenever possible, keep the left hand over the right.
Lesson 2: Watch for body placement.  Moving around you can find a more flattering angle.
Lesson 3: Cloudy skies are wonderful for diffusing sunlight.  A cloudy sky can open up options for taking pictures that you may not have been able to do with direct sunlight.


  1. I can see through the pictures they enjoyed beeing photographed by you!
    They really look happy, hope they have a wonderful life together! ;-)

  2. How cute are they?! Great photos too :o) Thanks so much for stoppin' by my blog and leaving a comment on How to make your Website Visually Appealing! I'm glad you found it helpful! Hope you had a great Monday :o)

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