Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photo Art Friday - Fire

Whoohoo! PDPA Photo Art Friday is back.  While I'm happy that Bonnie, our wonderful host, had time to herself to work on her amazing pieces of art (many of which she turns into terrific textures and backgrounds) I was really missing the Photo Art Friday challenges!

This week's Challenge?  Dreamy or Ethereal.

My first thought was I should find a cute baby picture ...but then I remembered the crackling fire at the last BBQ.  So, I figured why not. After all, these challenges are all about experimenting within a supportive community.

I give you my piece for this week, Fire:

Dreamy or Etheral Challenge

For this challenge I used:
  • Pdpa Happy Day texture
  • a picture of fire (taken a recent BBQ - those pictures should be edited shortly)
  • Vintage photo frame from Photoshop Elements.
Dreamy or Etheral Challenge Parts
Photo Art FridayOverall I'm happy with the look....although I'm wishing I left a bit more space between the frame and the top and the bottom edges of the piece.  Maybe I'll have to go back and experiment with it a bit more.

If you would like to check out the Photo Art Friday Showcase or take a look at some of the neat (and many free) textures and background there are over at Pixel DustPhoto Art just click the button to the left. 


  1. The fire came out great.
    Best whishes.

  2. Love your piece, the frame is beautiful.

  3. How creative, Kris! The background seems to be reflections of the flame, to my eye. I agree that the same amount of border on the top and bottom might set it off better. Great work.

  4. wondrous!!! Kris, I love how you always explain how you did what you did. I had such fun remembering campfires and those memories are far away but your BEautimous work brought them straight into my heart!!

  5. Very creative and interesting piece. It's like the fire is dancing a magical dance.

  6. THAT is a marvellous work - wow...Splendid - have a great weekend :)

    My contribution is here:

  7. Oh! I love pictures of a fire, I always take one of the chimnea or fire pit. Thanks for visiting me.