Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grandma's Christmas Cookies

A few months before Christmas I realized that I had never once baked cookies with my now 88 year old grandmother (who we call MomMom).  After one quick phone call and brief visit with MomMom, it was decided that the week before Christmas we were going change that fact by baking sugar cookies and peanut butter tandy cakes. 

Being the photo-centric person I am I couldn’t help but think of all the great photos I was going to capture of the two of us baking together.
Well, bless my family.  As soon as people heard that MomMom and I were baking cookies everyone decided that it was the perfect time to stop by and visit (and who can blame them - seriously – who doesn’t love hot out the oven cookies).  

MomMom ended up taking more of a supervisory role in the cooking making process so that she could  greet and spend time with each family member who stopped by.  This of course, meant that I got to do most of the mixing, scooping, and pouring.  Since I love to bake, this isn’t really a problem…however; it did mean those great photos I envisioned had to change a bit. 

I never did get the granddaughter and grandmother baking side by side.  Rather, the picture I have is one where my grandmother is sitting back and enjoying the company. I can't help but prefer this picture - it's so MomMom.  What do you think?


Lesson 1: It won’t always go as you think.  That’s OK.
Lesson 2: Just go with it.  It'll make things easier. 
Lesson 3: An honest smile is worth a plan gone kaput. 

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