Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Midnight & Shadow

After arriving at Midnight and Shadow’s home I quickly realized that I missed my opportunity for the best daylight.  Luckily Midnight and Shadow’s mom is very laid back and was cool with me rearranging her furniture (she even helped me move her couch away from the window) to create a space that still caught some daylight. 

Once the daylight area was established the next step was coaxing the two adorable cats out from under their mom’s bed and into the daylight.  If you know cats, you know they like two things that I took away from them, 1) consistency – I had reorganized their living room, and 2) a hiding space – when we moved the couch we took away their ability to hide behind the couch.  Fortunately both cats are under one and with cats that young all you need is a few well-made toys and some strategically placed treats to boost their confidence enough to come into the light. 
After many attempts, here are a few of the best shots.  Since I’m looking to improve feel free to post constructive suggestions about how doing something different (lighting, angle, lens, technique) would help to improve the shot.
Fav Pussy Cat Pics


 After the pictures of Shadow and Midnight were taken, their mom wanted to get in the photo action.  
Fav Pussy Cat Mom Pic
Lesson 1: December daylight disappears early
Lesson 2: Do not be afraid to re-arrange furniture

Lesson 3: The back of couches do not make good backgrounds

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