Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brothers' Nap Time

During my last visit with my father-in-law I got to meet two new additions to the family. Charlie and Jimmy: two beautiful kittens!

While there was still daylight Charlie decided to plop down on the couch next to me for a visit.

Barely Awake  

The rest of the day, true to form, the kitties played and played until they passed out.  With the low light, and not wanting a flash to startle them, nap time was the perfect time to get some quick non-blur pictures.

Best Pillow

What's a shared bed among brothers...


All ya need is a yawn and stretch...
Tuckered Out  

Lesson 1: Capturing speedy kittens in low light is not easy (any suggestions I would love to hear).

Lesson 2: If the subject slows down enough, even with the light low, it is possible to get a capture.

Lesson 3: Yellow brown is a really horrible background color (was the couch color Charlie was on – one of the reasons the photo is now B&W).


  1. omg they are adorable!! love how they are snuggling

  2. The kittens look fabulous in black and white and the texture of their fuzzy bed!