Monday, March 26, 2012

iPod Photos and Tweets

For my birthday my amazing hubby got me an iPod.  Among many other things, it means I now have a reason to tweet!  While I don’t plan to post any other pics taken from my iPod other than these on the blog, I did want to share my first three picture tweets.  

Stairs I walk two times a day with coworkers to keep up energy:

Flags at the Courthouse across the street

Sunset while out on a walk with hubby:

On twitter you can find me under: beyondwhiskers

Lesson 1:While not as clean as pics taken from a digital SLR, iPod pics are better than my old Point and Shoot.
Lesson 2: Having an iPod that fits you can carry with you where ever you go means more opportunities for pictures.
Lesson 3: BeFunkyFx is my new favorite app for iPod (since I’ve only had the iPod for two weeks, this may not mean as much as it would say in…a year.  J)

Anyone have any iPod/iPhone picture app suggestions out there let me know. J

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  1. Great pictures! I like Instagram, picstich, morebeaute2 and labelbox.