Monday, March 12, 2012

Perfect Sunday with Sister

What was so great about this Sunday?  Well…let me tell you!  It was 70 degrees and gorgeous out.  My sister and my little adorable niece came up for a visit.  During the visit we got to take my niece to the park where she got to go on her first outdoor swing ride.  

At first she didn't know what to think...

But sure enough, she eventualy got into the swing of things...

And yes, the swing was a bit big, so you do see a blanket
stuffed in the front of the swing...but hey she didn't care, so all was good.

Then, we (my sister and I) experienced a no cry lunch at a restaurant.  Little One was so well behaved the couple with the 3 year old in the booth across from us looked jealous.  If any day away from my hubby could be considered perfect, it would be this day. 

Lesson 1: Sun in a baby’s face makes for squinty photos. 
Lesson 2: Know where the sun will be so you can plan for times outdoors when the sun won’t be directly on someone’s face.
Lesson 3: When you switch from auto focus to manual focus you’re not as likely to get as many pictures in focus (at least a first), take extra shots and continue to adjust. 

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