Sunday, May 13, 2012

At the Park

One of my wonderful co-workers offered to let me take photos of her adorable little ones.

With the beautiful weather we headed out to a local park and playground with camera and stroller in hand.  At first, not everyone was sure of sure about this whole picture thing...

But quickly we realized that here we could sit and enjoy the sunshine…

we could run around and blow bubbles…

and we could play on the slide….

With so much going on it didn’t take too long before we were all tuckered out.


Luckily, an older cousin of the little ones showed up just in time to offer a mini burst of energy, a helping hand, and a few smiles.

Thank you to Sherri, Sofia, Gianna, Cindy, and Samantha for allowing me to caputre your day on film.

Lesson 1: Props are a great way to engage kids.  Bubbles and big colorful stuffed animals help.
Lesson 2: Take many breaks…especially if it is hot out.  A kid’s smile is directly related to their attention span.  New fun = new smiles.
Lesson 3: If the pictures are taken in bright sunlight you may need to add filler light later when editing. (Anyone have suggestions for taking photos in bright sunlight without getting too many shadows?)
Lesson 4: A longer lens allows for more room between you and the children...and allows for the subject to stay in focus while blurring the background nicely.


  1. These are great photos and your models were super cute how grateful they must be for these great photos :))
    I like the tips having a new grandbaby I will use these for sure on my photo sessions.

  2. Those first 2 photos are priceless. She's like uhhh, I don't think so! lol. Both girls are super cute! You got some great shots. I know how hard it is to work with kids. They get bored and restless pretty quick when having their photo taken, so good job!

  3. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog- your pictures really are fantastic! You have a great eye for photography. Have a great Monday!

  4. what great pictures!