Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday MomMom

Yesterday, May 5th was my Grandmother’s (aka MomMom) 89th birthday.  Today a few of us got together and had a little party (nothing to fancy…just pizza and cake) to celebrate the special occasion.

MomMom is one beautiful lady who really shines…especially when surrounded by family.    

Happy Birthday MomMom.  You're one happening lady!

No Lessons today…still in sugar coma from all that yummy cake!
(This may get updated later)  :)   


  1. She has a beautiful smile. Happy Birthday, MomMom! Love the cake!

  2. Awesome! Happy Birthday to your MomMom! The orange flowers and cake decorations are very celebratory!

  3. What a beautiful set of images - Happy Birthday to your wonderful Grandma!

  4. Lovely images and beautiful lady