Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Week

Hi there my Bloggie Friends.  This week…not many pictures.  And here’s why:
Review of the last Week:

Sunday: Woke up with sore throat and blocked ears.  Ate a lot of soup and drank a lot of water.
Monday:  Had to move to guest bedroom to keep coughing from waking up the husband.  Took a sick day and went to the doctor.  Was told by doctor that sore throat was due to allergies, was prescribed a steroid and was told it was OK to go back to work.
Tuesday: Went to work.  Coughed almost constantly.  Was sent home half way through the day.  Husband came home and said I was looking horrible, made me take my temperature.  Temperature 99.3 with on thermometer, temperature 100.9 with the other thermometer.  Called doctor and made apt for next day. (Luckily last week I had already planned my WW post, so all I had to to was click this feature.)

Wednesday: Went to doctor.  Temperature taken at doctor’s office was 100.8.  Doctor says prescribed Z-pack. Not allowed to go back to work until fever is gone.

Thursday: Temperature breaks and stays around 98.  Even with throat still sore and still coughing, feel much better with fever broken.

Friday: Wake up to find half face swollen at jaw.  We’re talking swollen to the point that only two front teeth could touch.  Very difficult to eat, face looked horrible in mirror.  Went back to doctor.  Doctor prescribes more steroids and refers to specialist.  Specialist is not available until Monday.  Sigh.

Saturday: Face a little less swollen, still coughing every time try to talk more than a minute or so.  Ended up eat mostly soft foods (soups, oatmeal – more chewy than expected, ice cream).  Slept 11 hours.
Pictures taken with iPod, uploaded onto computer, and tweeked with a poster filter.   I figured since I was in a daze most of this week, it fit.  :/


  1. Oh you poor thing! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Oh what a week you've had! BLAH :P Hope you feel better soon!!


  3. Oh dear, sorry to hear about your ailments! I hope you're feeling better now. *healing sparkles*

  4. stinks!! hope you feel better way soon!!