Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photo Art Friday - Yellow Abstract

This week’s challenge over at Pixel Dust Photo Art – Photo Art Friday was to create an abstract piece.

Not my favorite, but I give you Yellow:
Yellow Abstract

For this challenge I used: 
  • PDPA Titled Script Texture
  • PDPA Grunge Surprise Test
  • PDPA Painted Footpath Texture
  • Picture of lamps
Yellow Abstract
Photo Art Friday I’m fairly sure what is above isn’t really abstract, but I ran out of ideas and this was the best I could come up with.  Anyone know any good articles or posts about abstracts that can help?  Feel free to toss some tips and ideas my way.  ;)
If you would like to check out the Photo Art Friday Showcase or take a look at some of the neat (and many free) textures and background there are over at Pixel DustPhoto Art just click the button to the left.


  1. you've created something totally new and so unique out of a picture of lamps - this is awesome!

  2. The "yellow" looks like it is suspended and I can imagine it turning in space. I think it is awesome ... and so should you.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Kris - so nice to have you stop by my place today. It sounds like you love photography they way I love photography. Not wanting to miss one moment. A bit off topic -but I love your people photos in your previous posts. I photographed my kids endlessly when they were small. It grew into a job I love.

    My sister is 534 miles away. We chat almost all day everyday - texting or google chat. This was the first time we used video chat to cook together. It was a blast.

    Well I babble- love what you did with the abstract prompt from Bonnie. It was a hard one. xo teri

  4. To me, abstract is thought-provoking rather than obvious, and by that definition your image surely fits!

    I love the way you work with contrasts here - smooth vs. rough, colour vs. gray-scale, antique vs. modern... it creates an interesting depth!

  5. I think that abstract is less about HOW than it is about experience. I used to think, BEcause I really canNOT draw things the way they look, that I wasn't good at realistic stuff but that was okay, I'd just DO abstract.

    Now, on the other hand, I think it's all just an adventure, and whatever I DO by experimenting is what I DO. the fun of this prompt was to just dive into a few textures and play, see what happens.

    I was deLIGHTed with my results, yet I also know I could have "done better" which is, I BElieve, the way I keep myself from feeling "good enough" to participate with the "big kids."

    I love what you have done, and I love your honesty about how you feel/felt. it has taken me a whole lot of plain old gumption to just play and NOT compare.

    I think that might BE helpful to anyone DOing this. just play. experiment. try.


    p.s. thank you for your delicious comment and sharing what your husband said. that truly makes my day!!

  6. I would never have guessed it was lamps in your image. I like the "instruction" piece as well. :)

  7. I never would have guessed that was made from a lamp! Very Creative!

  8. Your piece is very nice. I would not have thought of "lamps" but rather saw Yellow flowers and I like the geometric pattern your created.

  9. Very nice and creativt abstract photo.

  10. i think you've done a very good job with 'abstract' and agree that it's an art form that is very much open to interpretation by both the creator as well as the viewer.

    when i seen it i thought of what an insects eye looks like in extreme macro's . . . and how it might interpret color. your image looks living to me as there is a lot of motioin happening within it. i like the way that you have framed it up and added depth with lots of shadowing.

    i'm willing to bet that i could see this same image at another time and have a completely different interpretation.

    i have very much enjoyed seeing what your efforts with the PAF theme produced.