Sunday, March 3, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Playtime

In my family St. Patrick’s day is a big deal.  Not only does it celebrate our Irish heritage, but it is also the same day as my Mother’s birthday.  Being such a big deal, it only makes sense that St. Pattie's photos are taken.  At least that's the excuse I gave my family, when I showed up at my sister’s with a green bowler hat and camera. 
Granted, when it comes to family (especially with a little one who is about 1 ½)…photo time is just another way to say play time.
Playtime with Mommy…
Playing in a Blower Hat V

Playing in a Blower Hat IV

Playing in a Blower Hat III

Playing in a Blower Hat II

And playtime with Grandma.
Playing in a Blower Hat VI
Playing in a Blower Hat VII

Overall, I think it was a day well spent.

Playtime with Bowler Hat I

Lesson 1: Green walls make for green reflections.  Not good for skin tones. 
Lesson 2: Hats make fun props for toddlers and adults.

Lesson 3: With enough playtime, you can get a smile or two. 


  1. Your little girl is simply adorable! and she loves that hat! It is an awesome prop

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I should have mentioned above...the little one is my niece...and I agree with you, she is super adorable. ;)

  2. What fun. Your family looks to be a very fun loving and joyous. That last shot is adorable.

  3. Such fun photos! We are big on St. Patty's Day too. My husband likes to joke with our girls about the 3 of them being Irish, but since I only married into an Irish family, I'm just along for the ride.