Saturday, January 5, 2013

Four Wonderful Families - Playful

The last of the Four Wonderful Families, this week I have the pleasure of introducing to you Matt, Susan...

and their four children: Jack, Leah, Elle and Chase.

A joy to work with…this family knew how to make a photo shoot fun. 
Whether it be a dog-pile on Mom and Dad…

Oh…can’t have a dog-pile without the dog (Lily)!
Or acrobatics with the kids…every activity was turned into a game.

Half way through the shoot we even had a surprise visit from the Grandparents (Richard and Eleanor), who arrived with their sweet golden companion – Yankee!
Naturally, this led to (one of my favorite pictures) an impromptu group shot with the whole family!
Thank you to Matt, Susan, Jack, Leah, Elle, Chase, Richard, and Eleanor for allowing me to share an afternoon of play with you.

Lesson 1: Rather than just taking pictures of individuals, consider taking pictures of two or more people interacting together...this way you can capture elements of the relationship those individuals have.
Lesson 2: When trying to take a photo with a large group that all need to be in one shot, consider dividing up the groups into clusters that you can arrange in the photo to draw interest.
Lesson 3: Be careful how you get a dog’s attention if you don’t know the commands the family uses.  A whistle may simply cause the dog to look up…or it may end up with the dog running towards you expecting a treat.  ;)
Lesson 4: The hour or so before sunset offers really neat light to take photos in.  The sun at that time is much less harsh – however, you need to keep in mind that your window for sunlight will be closing soon.


  1. And thank you for a series to make anyone smile.

  2. Yes, beautiful happy family portraits, very cute and cuddly. Genial.

  3. Lovely and fun, thank you for sharing the great tips.

  4. What a fun, beautiful family- you did a great job capturing all those smiles! My favorites were the two boys sitting together- priceless!

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