Friday, February 8, 2013

Almost Time for Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s day is almost upon us and with its approach comes some more baby pictures.  I admit, I practically begged my girlfriend to let me come over to take these pictures.     

Happy Valentine's Day

Luckily, both she and the little one were very open to the idea.  So much so that we had a grand ‘ole time.  In fact…

We had some happy baby time…
Exploring time…

A New Discovery

Making new friends time…
New Friend
And even some special Valentine’s day time.
 Lesson 1: Pay attention to background colors.
Lesson 2: Try to stay to one theme and tone during shoot.
Lesson 3: Try to stay to one theme and tone while editing.


  1. Oh, my, gawsh! Those are the sweetest Valentine's Day photos! I bet your friend was really excited by the outcome!

  2. What a lovely series!
    I'm sure your friend is very happy with the photos, I can see the baby was having fun too! ;-)