Thursday, February 14, 2013

Photo Art Friday - Bamboo Dreams Challenge

This week's Photo Art Friday's challenge was to use a picture of your own choosing and the Bamboo Dreams texture/background from Pixel Dust Photo Art (pdpa)'s website to create a piece of art.

Again, it sounded like I made my second attempt at participation:

pdpa - second attempt
I used:
  •  pdpa Bamboo Dreams texture/ background
  • A picture of my sister playing with her daughter (my niece) from our last photo shoot (aka visit and playtime).
  • A quote that I liked found online.

Second Attempt - Used copy

Photo Art FridayI'm not sure how I'd compare this piece to the last one.  When I first saw the challenge I was hoping to use a picture of some beautiful flower...however it quickly came to my attention that I rarely shoot pictures of flowers.  Mostly I have pictures of friends and family.

That being the case, you get the picture above.  ;)  As written in an earlier post, hopefully as I participate in more challenges skills (and imagination) will improve. 

If you would like to check out the Photo Art Friday Showcase or take a look at some of the neat (and many free) textures and background there are over at Pixel DustPhoto Art just click the button to the left. 


  1. Great image. I love the fun upsidedown little one. So much fun at that age! Great quote too.

  2. How fun! Using the Bamboo texture on this photo was a great idea...unexpected!

  3. Super fun piece. She's so cute and that fly away hair is so funny.

  4. A pretty picture, charming and funny, nice look!

  5. such a fun photo and the quote and texture make the whole image fabulous

  6. what I love is how each person sort of takes the challenge, which is more an inspiring invitation, and makes it sing in their own key. you are spot on about what your photography leans toward and that, to me, is such the fun of each one's rendering.


  7. So playful and sweet. I love how your use of texture does not detract from your beautiful subject. There are times to let a texture dominate, but many times not. You really struck the right balance (pun intended) here!

  8. I like what you did! Very cute!

  9. Beautiful work!!

    My contribution is here:

  10. So fun and cute!! Great quote too!!!

    Happy Saturday!

  11. wonderful processing!

  12. Very charming shots and your processing is lovely. Anyone who has "said to much" in photography is a person that I will enjoy following. Your newest follower.