Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photo Art Friday - Connected Friendship

The challenge this week over at Pixel Dust Photo Art – Photo Art Friday was to deal with the theme of connected/connecting/connections in some way.  After spending Saturday in Jersey celebrating friend’s birthday…I had a good idea what to focus on.

In Jersey lives a particular core group of people who are wonderful and crazy, nerve wracking and a joy to be around.   At times they can be jesters, comedians, bartenders, and pranksters.  Always, they are dependable and big hearted.  My husband grew up with these crazy loons he shares no blood with but calls family.  After spending almost a decade getting to know them, I am thankful to be able to call them friends. 

I give you, Connected Friendship:

Connected Friendship
I used:
Photo Art FridayThis is my first time layering so many pictures. I think I'd like to try to erase a little closer to get rid of some of the halos.

Meh, I'll keep on working on it.  Feel free to send some suggestions and feedback.  Thanks!

If you would like to check out the Photo Art Friday Showcase or take a look at some of the neat (and many free) textures and background there are over at Pixel DustPhoto Art just click the button to the left. 


  1. Hey Kris, I love your choice of subjects for this week's theme. Good job with all the layers and all this photo art takes a lot of practice so just keep at it. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow. I love how you've put this together. This would make a beautiful print that you could give as a gift to your friends.

  3. lovely interpretation and layering. I often use a gradient circle as a layer mask for each image when layering up like this - so each image fades away at the edges

  4. Good choice of subjects and layering.

  5. this is truly beauiful piece!

  6. What a unique and fun piece. These must be some interesting folks and full of life. Great job putting this collage together.

  7. stunning and deLIGHTfull!! I love your spirited words, just enough, to really give a flavour of this merry band of friends. it's a rare treasure, such friends that are our family by choice. my son has this, which makes my heart happy. they all live and work on Nantucket. while they didn't "grow up" together, they have grown into a brilliant and shining tribe...

  8. What a compliment to your friends, crazy and wonderful as they are. Your blending is great and I wouldn't change a thing because this a story that came from your heart ... and it shows.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. What a great collage of friends you have on there! While I have never met any of those people, the mix of them just feels right on the photo. They all seem to blend so well together. Lovely!

  10. Think you did a great creation here. So hard to connect so many photos. YOu might try zooming in on the fine areas and adjusting your brush to a smaller size. It is easier for me to see when I have zoomed in , and easier to get rid of those little halos. You did an amazing job though!

  11. Your collage on connected/connection is fantastic - so real and to be connected with dear friends is a ture JOY! Love it!
    Great suggestion from Jeanne.. I am going to try it..

  12. it's interesting to read the comments and get tips that might help me when i put a collage together as i'm still learning all of this too.
    i happen to think that this piece has a very interesting look to it just as it is though and is a great submission for the connected theme.
    after reading your information on what went into this piece and the background of who these people are i'm sure that they are all having a good time together. however my first thought upon looking at it was a bit of fright . . . such contrast between the upper right (violence) and the lower left (love) was a bit of a startle. then my eye travels around the piece finding various bits to study which means that you've done a good job of drawing me in. i end up wanting to know their various stories . . . both as individuals and as individuals making their various 'connections'. so job well done, i think~!!~