Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July - Too Adorable!

I wasn't going to do a full post...but after a couple hours editing...I can't help but share a few more 4th of July pictures.  ;) 

This little one is adorable hanging out on the blanket...


Up close and personal...


High up in the air...



And even just playing in a bucket....



DSC_1587_edited-3Let's face it...she knows how cute she is...


Let's just hope the boys never figure it out.  ;)

4th of July Baby
Lesson 1: Pay attention to background details...Having a tree directly behind your little one can make it look like something is growing out of your little one's head. 
Lesson 2: If you have a less than desirable background adjust your aperture to keep your primary focus on the little one.
Lesson 3: Don't forget to get mom in some of the pictures. Mom is a key member of the family who can be so busy taking care of everyone that she ends up missing in albums.  Consider having a play time break.  Advantage of taking the shots during playtime is you have the perfect excuse for a quick refresh.  

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