Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trip to the Airport

Last week I went with my mother to drop my grandmother off at the airport.  Being it was only two days after I got my first Android phone...many pictures were taken to document our "adventure".

We found parking in the Economy Lot...
Grandma to Airport III

Took the courtesy shuttle from the lot to the airport...
Grandma to Airport IV

Argued over who was going to cover parking (both Grandma and Mom were determined to be the ones to pay)....
Grandma to Airport II

And took a last minute photo to remember the day...
Grandma to Airport
So, it wasn't much of an adventure...but it was an excuse to hang out with family for a bit and test out the new camera on the phone.  So far I'm digging it and wondering why it took me so long to make the upgrade. 

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  1. Wonderful B&W photos. Did you convert them to B&W or are you able to set your phone to take the photos in B&W? I love black and white photography. We have a darkroom in the basement from the dark ages of having film that need to be developed. My husband did exquisite B&W photography. Thanks for sharing these. Janet