Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - To Do List

I may be a bit behind on my photo editing...a couple months behind.  To combat this I've come up with a list....an Edit To Do List:

Balloon Festival (June)

Begin to Lift Off

Cougar (June)


Summer BBQs (May)

Another Log

Max (May)


Moving Photos (April)
Toes in Socks
If all goes right you'll see a few of these photos (and the rest of the ones that belong with them) in upcoming weekend posts.  ;)  In the meantime....share some of the photos you've edited  (or your to-do-list) in the linky below. 


  1. I love your photos!! What kind of camera/lens are you using?

    1. Awww...thanks! Any pictures posted since January have been shot on a Nikon D7000...most were taken with my (at the moment favorite prime lens) Nikon 35mm f/1.8.

      You can see any of the details (focal length, camera, and so on) if you click on the picture, click on the three dots in the right corner, and click on the View Exif info. I leave it up so if others have any suggestions they can easily see what I'm doing and let me know what I'm doing wrong. ;)

  2. I am still trying to decide whether I want to join my husband on a hot air balloon or not...what if I fall?!

    Love the photos!!

    From PDX with Love

    1. I have to admit...the balloon was tethered at the time. The wind was too strong for them to go up safely while I was there. I hope next time I'll be able to take a ride. Good luck and if you get up the nerve send photos!

  3. At least you have a list. I can't even get that far. Love the June photo, of course. Janet

  4. Pictures are the best measures of time. All are great! :)

  5. These really area all great pictures!

  6. Like the picture of beautiful cat

    My entry is here.